Jason Dufner

Dufner Learns To Overcome High Expectations

High Expectations in Golf

High Expectations In Golf Do you feel pressured to live up to the expectations of others? Do you feel you constantly let down others because of your play during golf tournaments? Expectations can erode your love for the game and wreak havoc on your performance… but you didn’t always feel the pressure of high expectations. Remember when you … Sport Psychology Article…

Dufner Makes Great Shots Under Pressure

Shooting Under Pressure in Golf

Pressure In Golf Every golfer desires to have “nerves of steel” when facing critical shots. But many golfers implode when faced with big shots. Questioning your ability to make shots and focusing on others’ play makes your focus on the wrong objective in golf. Trying to be perfect causes golfers to choke at the most inopportune time… If … Sport Psychology Article…