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Are You a Gamer? How To Perform Under Pressure

Performing Under Pressure

How Athletes Win When The Game is on The Line Imagine yourself in a situation during a competition when the outcome of the game rests upon your shoulders… How do you think you would respond? Would you get nervous and freeze? Would your mind be taken over by negative thoughts? Would you fear failing when teammates depended on … Sport Psychology Article…

Dufner Makes Great Shots Under Pressure

Shooting Under Pressure in Golf

Pressure In Golf Every golfer desires to have “nerves of steel” when facing critical shots. But many golfers implode when faced with big shots. Questioning your ability to make shots and focusing on others’ play makes your focus on the wrong objective in golf. Trying to be perfect causes golfers to choke at the most inopportune time… If … Sport Psychology Article…

How Mark Gangloff Overcame The Pressure To Perform

Focus in Sports

Mental Preparation For Competition Have you ever wondered how Olympic-level athletes are able to focus despite all the pressure to perform? Mark Gangloff is an American former swimmer and two-time Olympian. Gangloff won Olympic gold in 2004 and was the American record-holder in the 100m breaststroke. I interviewed Gangloff about his mental preparation for high-level swim meets. Gangloff … Sport Psychology Article…