mental preparation for athletes

How Athletes Can Cope With Getting Benched

Positive Mentality When Benched

Staying Confident and Ready When Benched “BENCHED! I can’t believe it.” When you are a starter and are benched, it often comes as quite a shock. There is often no warning when you are benched even when you might be having a bad game, an off night or a previous competition where you under-performed. Thoughts pop up in … Sport Psychology Article…

How to Get Into the Zone for Figure Skaters

Performance Mindset

Mental Preparation to Get in The Zone “In the zone” is a term that describes that can’t miss feeling. Figure skaters in the zone feel like they can repeatedly nail their routines and stick their landings. Unfortunately, many skaters are fear-ridden and anxious as they take the ice. A young figure skater once opened up about her experiences … Sport Psychology Article…

Mental Preparation In Sports With Daryl Weber

Sports Psychology Podcast

Sports Psychology Podcast In this week’s sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews Daryl Weber. Daryl Weber is a HS wrestling coach with 14 consecutive state championships and runs Attack Style He then went on to wrestle at the University of Iowa under Dan Gable from ’91-’96. During his time at U … Sport Psychology Article…