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How To Have Stable Confidence in Games

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How to Maintain Confidence When Not Playing Well In this week’s sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert Dr. Patrick Cohn talks with Dr. Megan. Dr. Megan is new at Peak Performance Sports. She is the lead mental coach specializing in working with youth and high school athletes in various sports. In this podcast, they will answer … Sport Psychology Article…

How To Have Stable Confidence In Sports – Peaksports Video

Sports Psychology Video

Boost Confidence In Sports In “Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions about having stable confidence in sports. Here’s the question Dr. Cohn answers this week about how to boost self-confidence in sports. STACEY ASKS: “How can I get my son to have confidence and mental toughness? Some days he has … Sport Psychology Article…