Visualization in Sports

How Olympians Use Mental Imagery To Improve Success

Visualization Tips

Applying Mental Imagery Like Olympic Athletes As Olympians gear up for the 2016 Rio games, many of those athletes have been looking for a way to land on the podium at the summer games. All of the athletes are talented and physically gifted… All of the athletes have devoted all of their time to training… All of the … Sport Psychology Article…

Why Relaxation and Visualization Doesn’t Work for Athletes

Persistence and Relaxation

Why Visualization Is Overrated How do You Cope with Nerves? What do you or your athletes do when feeling nervous or scared before competition? Naturally, you want to relax so you can feel less nervous or tight, right? You or your athletes might use breathing, stretching, and mental rehearsal to cope better with pressure moments in competition. But … Sport Psychology Article…

How to Use Visualization for Confidence in Sports

Sports Psychology Podcast

In this week’s sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, answers a question from an athlete who wants to know how to best use visualization to boost confidence in sports! Listen to this month’s sports psychology podcast to learn how to improve your performance in sports and other mental game barriers that limit your … Sport Psychology Article…