Trusting Your Skills in Volleyball Games – Video

How to Trust Your Skills in Volleyball

In this week’s “PeakSports Video,” Dr. Patrick Cohn and Dr. Megan Melchiorre, start a new mental game video series for volleyball coaches, players and parents. They discuss the psychology of volleyball and some of the challenges that volleyball players have.

Are you (or your volleyball players) able to take your practice game to competition?

In this video, Dr. Cohn and Dr. Megan discuss: When perfectionist volleyball players go from practice to game time, they tend to lost trust in their skills.

COHN: What does it look like when a volleyball player is trusting his or her skills verses when they are not? What is the difference?

Watch Dr. Cohn and Dr. Megan’s mental coach video to learn more about trusting your skills in games:

Video on Trusting Volleyball Skills

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