Favre Welcomes the Pregame Butterflies in NFL Return

Pregame Butterflies

Pregame Jitters

Most athletes feel “jitters” or nervousness before competition. But are jitter a bad thing to feel before a game? It depends on who you ask. Many young athletes who experience pregame jitters think they are nervous or tense and don’t like these feelings. However, veteran players welcome pregame jitters and even worry when they don’t feel some butterflies before a game.

As a matter of fact, I saw an ESPN interview with Brett Favre about playing his first game with the Minnesota Vikings this week. He talked about feeling the butterflies and pregame jitters again, something he has not felt in a long time:

“Today, sitting in the hotel, all of a sudden, I starting having butterflies, I’m like, ‘I haven’t felt this in a long time,” Favre said. He went on to say that the pregame butterflies means he still cares about playing football. He would be worried if he didn’t feel the jitters… If he didn’t want to play or be on the field, and did not care, that would be a clear sign that he’s ready for retirement — for good!

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