How Athletes Cope With Internal And External Distractions

How to Stay Focused During Competition

In “Sports Psychology Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from Judith who wants to know how she can overcome external distractions during competition.

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Judith said:

“I’m distracted during league play… Loud talking, people moving in my line of sight, loud music, all those things. I don’t like it because it distracts me. I know I cant control any of these things, however, it takes me out of my game. It’s hard to focus on my shot”

The question Dr. Patrick Cohn answers this week is:

“How can I focus better with all those distractions going on?”

How can athletes deal with those external distractions going on while they are competition?

There are two different types of distractions: (1) internal and (2) external.
External distractions are easier to brush off. You have to have a plan and focus only on the play or task at hand.

What can you do to focus 100% on the game?

Learn how to overcome external distractions these mental game tips:

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