Overcoming Distractions in Sports

How to Improve Your Focus During Triathlons

How to Improve Your Focus During Triathlons

Overcoming Distractions Before a Triathlon Triathlon is game of focus. Three different races within one competition can present a myriad of distractions competing for your mind space. Negative thoughts can pull your focus away from what is important… Focusing on the process or focusing in the present. Without being fully immersed in your race, you cannot race to … Sport Psychology Article…

How Athletes Cope With Internal And External Distractions – Video

Video Of The Week

How to Stay Focused During Competition In “Sports Psychology Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers a question from Judith who wants to know how she can overcome external distractions during competition. Judith said:“I’m distracted during league play… Loud talking, people moving in my line of sight, loud music, all those things. I don’t like it because it … Sport Psychology Article…

How to Focus in Front of a Hostile Crowd

Overcoming Hostile Crowds

Do You Get Distracted Easily During A Game? Do you get distracted and emotionally-charged when heckled by the opposition’s fans? Are you distracted and taken out of your game when you perform in a hostile environment? All great athletes have developed their ability to focus in adverse conditions. The ability to cope with distractions when performing is a … Sport Psychology Article…