Boost Confidence In Athletes

Tarik Skubal Demonstrates Confidence-Building

Confidence in Sports

Build Proactive Confidence to Improve Your Game How would you grade your confidence over the course of the past athletic season? Would you give yourself an A? B? C+? How much more could you accomplish if you bumped up your confidence grade? Unfortunately, a lack of confidence holds many athletes back and creates feelings of frustration and disappointment. … Sport Psychology Article…

How Having a Short Memory Can Help You Stay Confident

Playing Confident

Overcoming Mistakes In Sports Overcoming mistakes quickly is part of a strong mental game. Ruminating about mistakes can hurt your confidence and focus… But you will make mistakes in competitions no matter who you are. Let’s discuss confidence for a minute… When you are performing well, you are not thinking or judging how you’re doing–you are just playing. … Sport Psychology Article…