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How to Set Smart Goals for Golf

Setting Effective Goals

Dreams vs. Goals In Golf What were your goals for last golf season? Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Many golfers talk about their goals for the season yet are consistently disappointed after each season because they feel they didn’t reach their dreams. Having a dream is not the same as having a goal. Every … Sport Psychology Article…

How J.L. Lewis Never Gave Up His Dream in Golf

Persistence in Golf

Persistence In Golf The recipe for long-term success in golf is a mixture of patience, persistence and perseverance. Persistence is that quality that allows golfers to persevere, push forward and work towards your goals despite obstacles. Persistence requires delayed gratification. Golfers have to make a large down payment of work and effort to achieve success. Many golfers in … Sport Psychology Article…

Michelle Wie Manages Prodigy Pressure to Win

Pressure to Win

How Wie Manages Pressure Have others told you that you “have a lot of potential?” Often the word potential characterizes the large gap between a golfer current level of performance and what he is capable of performing. Though many coaches and parents use this phrase to motivate, golfers can feel a lot of anxiety due to the high … Sport Psychology Article…