Performing well under Pressure

Coping with Pregame Anxiety

Pregame Anxiety

How to Stay Relaxed before a Competition “I feel like I’m going to be sick to my stomach.” Have you ever had this feeling prior to a competition? Have you ever been so anxious that you feel physically sick in the locker room before a game or competition? For some athletes, this feeling repeats itself

BIG Competitions Mindset for Athletes

Looking Forward for Big Games

How to Approach an Important Competition Do you wish you could play BIG in BIG moments? All athletes want to come up BIG in BIG moments such as: Unfortunately, many athletes not only fall short, but under perform in BIG moments. What happens to athletes in BIG moments? Many athletes believe they just don’t have

How UVA Handled Pressure Successfully

Successful Pressure Handling

Are you Successful under Pressure? Each individual athlete responds to pressure in his/her own way. Kobe Bryant stated he played his best when the pressure was on, “Everything negative – pressure, challenges – are all an opportunity for me to rise.” Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. implied he doesn’t feel pressure, “There is no pressure

How Parental Expectations Can Lead to Pressure

Parental Support in Sports

How Sports Parents Can Support Their Athletes “Everybody is counting on me,” “I don’t want to disappoint my parents,” “My parents get so mad at me after a bad game…” Do any of these statements sound familiar? You may have expressed these sentiments to a teammate or deal with these thoughts internally on a regular