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Mental Game Lessons from John Wooden

Basketball Confidence

What’s the Most Important Skills for Athletes to Possess? Anthony Robbins sent me an interview he did with the legendary basketball coach John Wooden, who recently passed away at age 99. This was one of the best interviews Wooden gave, according to Robbins. Today, I want to share with you something that Wooden said that I think is profound… … Sport Psychology Article…

Mental Game Coaching Professional Summer Program Details


The MGCP Program I’ve has a lot of questions fly in from people who want to join the summer MGCP program. Here are the top questions I’m getting… 1. Does the MGCP program provide a step-by-step course that we could in turn provide for our athletes? Yes, this is the *hidden* value of the MGCP program. You learn … Sport Psychology Article…

Mastermind Coaching for Sports Psychology Professionals

Master Mind

Mastermind Coaching Program I want to introduce you to the most powerful forces know today… It’s the power of the “mastermind” group. Today, I am opening up a high-level personal mastermind coaching group just for mental coaches in sports psychology. We’re going to get started very soon. What the heck is a mastermind coaching group? You’ve heard of … Sport Psychology Article…