Overcoming Distractions in Golf

Overcoming Negative Mental Chatter for Golfers

Mental Toughness

Quiet Your Mental Chatter And Trust Your Game Golfers can easily buy into the notion that negative history will repeat over and over again. This is called an over generalization: Your mental script from the past dictates your performance today. However, just because you missed critical shots in the past doesn’t mean you will continue to do the … Sport Psychology Article…

McIlroy: Attempting to Overcome Distractions

Overcoming Distractions

Overcoming Distractions in Golf Golfers have many distractions that compete for their attention. Many fans hold top golfers in high regard for their ability to focus despite all the distractions they experience. Golf fans have unrealistic expectations that athletes can drop all distractions prior to walking onto the course and focus one hundred percent on their game. Golfers … Sport Psychology Article…