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Overcoming Negative Mental Chatter for Golfers

Mental Toughness

Quiet Your Mental Chatter And Trust Your Game Golfers can easily buy into the notion that negative history will repeat over and over again. This is called an over generalization: Your mental script from the past dictates your performance today. However, just because you missed critical shots in the past doesn’t mean you will continue to do the … Sport Psychology Article…

How To Evaluate and Improve Your Golf Game

Improve Golf Perfromance

 Evaluate Your Golf Game To Improve Performance Effectively evaluating your golf game requires balance. Some golfers look at their golf game and only see mistakes and failure. These golfers have a bevy of ‘whys’ running through their heads: “Why do I always miss critical shots?” “Why can’t I beat so-and-so?” “Why can’t I lower my score?” All the … Sport Psychology Article…

Playing Your Best Golf Without Your “A” Game

Player's Mindset

Jason Day’s Tournament Win How do you play golf when you don’t have your A-game? As Tiger used to say, “I didn’t have my A game, but I was able to get it done.” Jason Day, winner of the 2016 Arnold Palmer Invitational talked about how he didn’t feel confident over ANY shots on Sunday… But he was … Sport Psychology Article…