Positive Self-Talk in Sports

How To React After Having a Bad Game

How To React After Bad Game

Do You Have Positive Self-Talk Or Negative Self-Talk? Self-talk is the primary determinant of how you perform in a competition. At no time is self-talk more important than after having a poor game. The things you say to yourself after a bad performance will determine if one bad game snowballs into the next few games. If you want … Sport Psychology Article…

Positive or Negative Self-Talk. Which One Do You Use?

Positive Self-Talk

Carr’s Positive Self-Talk Does negative self-talk make it difficult to focus during competitions? Do you wish you could be more positive after mistakes? Negative self-talk is when you berate yourself for making mistakes during practice or competition. Obviously, negative self-talk hurts your confidence and enjoyment in sports. How can you turn negative self-talk into positive self–talk, the mental … Sport Psychology Article…