Self-Confidence in Sports

Mental Game & Confidence in Basketball – Video

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Struggle With Confidence After a Bad Warmup? In “Sports Psychology Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers sports psychology questions from athletes, parents and coaches. Do you struggle early in the game with your confidence if you didn’t have a good warmup? In this video, Dr. Cohn will discuss: Basketball players who tend to struggle

Athletes Who Are Self-Critical

Athletes Who Are Self-Critical

Grow Confidence Without Excessive Self-Criticism Are you happy with where you are with your game? Most athletes would answer “no” because they want to achieve more. After all, the goal of every athlete is to achieve as much of their athletic potential as possible. Some athletes think the best way to improve is to never

How to Play More Confidently in Sports

How to Play More Confidently in Sports

Focusing on The Positives of Your Performance Have you been disappointed after a game because you lost, or thought you played poorly? Do you recognize your performance as either good or bad? Do you give yourself credit where credit is due? Australia lost to France on Saturday 2-1 in their World Cup opener. Though, the

Mental Preparation and Returning to Competition

Mental Preparation

Coming Back Strong After a Layoff Layoffs due to injury, sickness, suspension, being benched or even taking a mental break from playing is a difficult task for most athletes. But returning to action after a layoff can be even more daunting… When you return to competition, your mind is cluttered with fear and doubts: Think

Overcome Performance Anxiety With This Practice

Performance Anxiety in Sports

How to Want The Ball in The Final Moments of The Game Some athletes want the ball in their hand in the closing seconds of a game while other athletes pray they don’t get the ball as time ticks down. Which athlete do you or your athletes fall into? Some athletes are overwhelmed by performance

The Mindset for Playing Against Dominate Teams

Mindset Against Dominant Teams

Oregon’s Mentality Against UConn Have you ever played a team that was so dominant you questioned your chances to pull out a victory? Facing a team that has demonstrated dominance for a long period of time can cause many players to resign themselves to the predetermined fate of losing. Let’s face it… if you play