8 Tips to Unlock Potential in Sports

Achieving Potential

Reach Your Potential In Competition

Has a coach ever told you that you have a tremendous amount of potential, but you have not realized that potential yet?

How can you achieve more of your untapped potential in sports?

Many coaches foresee great futures for some athletes if they are willing to work and focus on achieving their potential…

Unfortunately, some athletes do not share or see the same vision as their coaches. Further complicating matters, athletes do not understand how to tap into those inner resources to achieve more.

Definition of Potential

Your athletic potential can be defined as your capacity to perform at the uppermost range of your ability.

Athletic potential is your highest level of success possible in the future.

Potential generally refers to the ability you have yet to realize.

Some terms used to describe potential are: probable, within the realm of possibility, undeveloped or unrealized. The opposite of potential is: unlikely, impossible, lacking, helpless or unpromising.

Achieving More Of Your Potential:

  1. The first step to achieving more of your potential is to have a strong belief that you can do what is necessary to succeed. You must be willing to push your limits and know that your efforts will lead to success.
  2. The next step to develop your potential is to define your long-term goals or a vision for the future.
  3. Reaching your potential requires that you create short-term goals. Accomplishing smaller goals allows you to make incremental steps towards your long-term destination and gives you hard evidence that you are progressing as an athlete. It’s the accumulation of smaller steps that allows you to make giant leaps as an athlete.
  4. In order to realize your potential, you must develop the mental game that allows you to persist and conquer adversity through the ups and downs of training and competing throughout your athletic career.
  5. To grow as an athlete you have to learn how to adjust your training, tweak your technique and improve your mental and physical skills to keep you moving towards your athletic potential.
  6. To unveil your athletic potential, you must be responsible and accountable for your growth as an athlete. Record your progress and evaluate your actions on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis. When things are not going as planned, figure out what you need to do instead of blaming others for falling short of your goals.
  7. Sometimes it helps to ask for objective feedback instead or relying on your own subjective measures of performance. Ask a coach or a teammate to provide honest and objective feedback about your progress.
  8. Change is hard for many athletes. In an attempt to improve, many athletes make big changes in their technique or strategy. And this can hurt performance in the short term. Be patient with changes to take place–often with changes–you take one step back to go two steps forward with your game.

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