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How did Brenda Martinez Overcome Failure?

Success Formula

Helping Athletes Bounce Back From Failure Making mistakes messes with many athletes’ minds. You see it all the time and you probably have experienced it to some degree. You have trained hard for this one competition… You dedicated yourself to your sport… You pushed yourself to the limit in practice… You refined your technique… You feel confident as … Sport Psychology Article…

How To Grind Out a Round Instead of Collapse

Closing Out a Golf Round

Avoiding The Late-Round Collapse in Golf Have you ever self-destructed during a round of golf? The late-round collapse is one of the most frustrating experiences a golfer can have… You are playing well… then, for some unexplained reason, your golf game makes a 180 degree turn around and you play your worst golf ever during the last few … Sport Psychology Article…

8 Tips to Unlock Potential in Sports

Achieving Potential

Reach Your Potential In Competition Has a coach ever told you that you have a tremendous amount of potential, but you have not realized that potential yet? How can you achieve more of your untapped potential in sports? Many coaches foresee great futures for some athletes if they are willing to work and focus on achieving their potential… … Sport Psychology Article…