How Pro Athletes Improve Their Mental Game

How Pro Athletes Improve Their Mental Game

Learn From The Pros For a Stronger Mental Game

Many athletes ask how to improve their mental game so they can perform at their peak in competition.

When you have the talent… And you put in the work… And you want to win or succeed, but are not… Your mental game is holding you back.

The following example is a common experience for many athletes in many different sports…

“I feel like I want to win and can win. I know that I am not far from beating players that beat me in competitions but I just need that extra little mental boost to raise my level of performing… Sometimes I still cannot get over mistakes in my head. I also talk to myself a lot during competition about what just happened, what to do next and what my opponent is doing. I just need that extra mental edge to get myself to the next level.”

Can you relate to this athlete?

Do you get close to winning, achieving a personal best or beating a rival but just fall short?

If that is the case, an improved mental game is just what you need to take your game to the next level.

An improved mental game is just what Philadelphia Flyer goaltender Carter Hart is working to develop to showcase his skills at the NHL level.

Hart’s achievements at the junior level have been extraordinary with a 116-46-19 record, 2.01 goals-against average, .927 save percentage and 26 shutouts.

Not only did Hart have impressive stats in juniors, he is the only player ever to win the CHL Goaltender of the Year Award twice.

Hart, 20-years old, has been working with a sports psychologist since he was 10 and credits his mental skills for his success.

HART: “I’ve worked with a [sport psychologist] for a number of years. He’s helped me a ton and I wouldn’t be where I am without his help.”

Despite a successful junior career, performing at the next level in the pros has been challenging for Hart.

Hart was pulled in his second professional start after giving up four goals on just 16 shots.

In Hart’s first seven starts, he allowed 23 goals on a .883 save percentage.

Carter continues to work on mental skills EVERY day, knowing that this mental edge will help him be successful at the next level.

HART: “I’d probably say about 90 percent of [performance] is mental. Confidence is everything. Everything is between your ears.”

Every athlete is in agreement that an improved mental game is the much needed edge to get to the next level but it takes work.

Hart provides a roadmap for how to improve your mental game… elicit the expertise from a mental game coach and work every day to hone your mental skills.

How to Develop a Stronger Mental Game

Start by understanding what mental skills you are missing: confidence, focus, composure, trust in your skills, consistent routines, etc.

Decide what mental skills you want to improve that will impact your performance.

In my personal mental coaching programs, I start with these four lessons:

  1. Managing strict expectations.
  2. How to focus on the process.
  3. Instilling proactive confidence.
  4. Enhance trust in your skills.

These four mental skills cover a lot of ground with my athletes. If you’re interested in our mental coaching programs, schedule a 15-minute introductory session.

Or visit our proshop for our self-study mental training programs.

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