Mental Preparation for a Rematch

Rematch Mindset

What is Your Rematch Perspective?

Rematches, especially after a loss, can be exciting for some athletes and nerve-wracking for others.

Your mental preparation, that is both your perspective on the rematch and how you focus during the competition, is a critical component of how you will perform.

There are two perspectives when considering a rematch.

One is to use a prior loss as motivation to avenge the defeat.

The other perspective is to see the new contest as just another competition with the same amount of importance.

The approach to the rematch is an individual preference depending upon if a rematch inspires you or gets over overly anxious.

The second part of mental preparation is focus.

If you are an athlete that may be motivated to avenge a loss, you’ll want to focus on the current competition. That may seem like a contradiction but it is definitely not.

For example, every competition you enter, your goal is probably a personal best, a clean routine, performing a new skill at a high level, scoring a goal, winning a match or a victory.

All of these are outcomes are based in the future.

Having a goal doesn’t mean you are focused in the future. It just means you are working towards something and the work that needs to be done is in the present moment.

Likewise, if you tend to become anxious prior to a rematch, you may fall into the trap of thinking about that past loss. Having an “it’s just another game” approach has a settling affect that helps you focus better in the moment.

No matter your perspective towards a rematch and no matter what motivates or calms you, the only way to play at your peak is to focus in the NOW!

These two rematch perspectives were highlighted in a rematch between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.

During the 2016 season, the Steelers scored 21 fourth quarter points to snatch a 31-27 victory from the Ravens and clinch the AFC North title. The loss eliminated the Ravens from the playoffs.

Raven free safety, Eric Weddle, used the past loss to fuel his play against the Steelers.

WEDDLE: “You never forget the bad plays or the plays that are so monumental to your season. We’ve never forgotten that play, that game.”

Meanwhile, teammate and starting quarterback, Joe Flacco, saw the rematch as just another important game on this year’s schedule.

FLACCO: “It does not matter what happened. There is already enough motivation for us to go out there and kick some butt.”

Whether you are motivated by past experiences or turn the page on the past, the most important thing you can do is focus on the present moment so you can compete to the level of your abilities.

How to Approach a Rematch:

If revenge is your motivation or a personal best, the current competition should be the focus.

In order to keep the focus on you and your game, create a game plan, follow the game plan and stick to the game plan.

Of course, you want to focus on your strengths and advantages instead of what you think the competition has.

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