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Staying Motivated in Your Sport

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How to Perform at Your Best What motivates you to perform your best in competition? What sources of motivation give you that extra boost to push in practice and training? Without motivation, you won’t accomplish much in your sport. Competing at a high level requires you to fuel your motivational tank continually. It is interesting to

Athletes Who Are Stuck in a Training Mindset

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How to Develop a Competitive Mindset What is a competitive mindset? Can you learn to develop a competitive mindset? Two mindsets are important for your success. The are: the training mindset and the competitive mindset. These mindsets are characterized as: 1. The training mindset consists of improving the fundamental aspects of your sport. The training

Can Athletes Use Mindfulness to Improve Focus?

Sports Psychology Podcast

Interview with Dr. Joe Havlick Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews Dr. Joe Havlick on the use of mindfulness to help athletes and performers succeed. Joe has a Ph.D. in Sport Psychology and works with performers and athletes of many ages, sports, and careers. Joe has a practice of meditation that he offers to all of his