Mental Toughness in Baseball: A Success Story Using “The Confident Athlete” CD Program

Relaxed Athlete

The Relaxed Athlete

NCAA Division I Shortstop Tylor Prudhomm worried too much about how not to strike out at the plate. He struggled with his batting in baseball. He could not deal with getting a hit 1 in 4 attempts, a typical success rate at the plate. He was not satisfied with anything less than perfectionism. This caused him to try too hard in the batters box and lose his mental toughness at the plate…

He mindset was to avoid striking out, especially when he had one strike out already in the game. All this thinking resulted in a loss of “pop” and indecisive swing. After completing The Confident Athlete mental toughness programs, he started to improve his consistency. His confidence skyrocketed.

He focused on the things he could control during an at-bat. He let go of the things that he could not control. Even his coaches could see greater confidence in his play and asked him what he was doing because he looked like an entirely different player!

The biggest change was an improvement in his consistency from game to game. Listen to Tylor’s batting success story for yourself:

Then go check out my brand new mental toughness program in the series, “The Relaxed Athlete,” to help you focus on what you can control-your mental attitude:

Your Mental Preparation Coach,

Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D., Master Mental Game Coach

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The Confident Athlete

The Confident Athlete Audio

“The Confident Athlete” consists of 2 audio programs that include 14 days of confidence fueling exercises and a simple to follow workbook that guides you through the 14 days, helps you apply the strategies, and customizes the exercises to your personal needs.

Let me help you put a stop to the confidence leak. You can learn to have greater levels of confidence in competition than you do in practice by identifying the specific ways you undermine your own confidence and how to convert your practice confidence into COMPETITIVE CONFIDENCE.

“The Confident Athlete” is a ground-breaking system to teach you how to think like a champion and have ultimate self-confidence every time you step on the playing field, court, track, or course. The confident athletes was developed for any athlete – junior to professional –that wants to gain confidence. However, coaches and sports parents can learn how to teach others to perform with ultimate confidence. Use my program if you want to bust a slump or just wanting higher or more consistent levels of self-confidence.

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