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Surfer Confidence

Using The Relaxed Athlete With Shawn Burrell

Here’s a wonderful mental game success story for you today…

Professional Surfer Shawn Burrell didn’t have full confidence in his own abilities. Around other top surfers, he would compare himself and feel like he didn’t stack up to the competition.

His harsh judgments about his own abilities was getting in the way of his performance.

Shawn would also worry about what his peers and friends thought about his game. You have heard me talk about this mental game no-no I call “mind-reading.”

He would attempt to read other surfers’ minds – guessing what they thought about his game. Little did he know, at the time, that his mind reading was only assumptions he made about what he thought others might be thinking.

How did all his mind-reading and lack of confidence affect his performance? He was his own worst enemy. In his mind, he was surfing really bad all the time.

Shawn’s harsh self-judgments caused him to try too hard and want the perfect ride on the perfect wave. His mindset was inflexible and would not allow him just get it done – or get to the next round of the competition.

His mental game kept him stuck, until he completed The Confident Athlete Series. Then his mental game became an

He made a powerful turnaround especially after completing “The Confident Athlete” program. He learned a simple, but effective mental skill of how to take control of his self-confidence before competition.

He learned the right way to prepare himself mentally for each of his rounds. According to Shawn, this created and instant turn around in his mindset. He began to think he could win.

“You don’t know if a good wave is ever going to come to you,  but you have to be confident and ready when the big wave comes in,” said Burrell.

Shawn continues to review The Confident Athlete Series programs. He understands the value of ingraining each and
every mental skill. He knows that mental toughness is ongoing education in his pursuit of excellence.

Listen for yourself how Shawn did a 180 degree mental game turnaround:

Then go check out my brand new program in the series, “The Relaxed Athlete,” to help you mentally prepare for that next big wave:

Your Mental Preparation Coach,

Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.,
Master Mental Game Coach

p.s. Shawn’s story is one of hundreds of “success stories” that athletes have enjoyed using my Confident Athlete Programs. I want you on my “wall of mental game success” stories now. Go grab your copy of “The Relaxed Athlete,” Get 20 bills off this week only!

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