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Keeping Your Composure in Sports

OK, I just received an email from a frustrated player that I think applies to every athlete…

Playing sports is supposed to be fun, right. Some people think sports is an escape from the doldrums of life. We can immerse ourselves for a few precious moments or hours in an enjoyable diversion, right?

Sports can be a blast, especially when you win a tight match.

But there is just one small catch… What if your sport is causing more emotional pain than fun?

Here’s the email that I received from a golfer that applies to so many athletes I work with:

“I get extremely frustrated and angry when I hit a bad shot and it stresses me out. How can I release my anger and stress so I can enjoy my sport again?”

Heck, you work hard at your sport. Practice and prepare for hours. You even feel confident at the start of competition about performing well…

And wham! One costly mistake. You’re frozen in turmoil by your own negative emotions. You’re so upset you can’t see straight. You beat yourself up endlessly for the mistake. Your unrelenting anger causes you to blow the next play, shot, or pitch.

By this time, you start to hate the sport that is supposed to be fun.

But wait a minute… This athlete sounds as if he is a victim of his own anger and frustration… As if he has no control.

Now instead of being a victim, shouldn’t he win back control over his mental state, squashing the anger and bringing back the fun of playing a game?

Yes, but old habits are hard to break for many of my students.

And that’s the big battle within – can you break old habits of thinking and replace them with positive habits?

Let me tell you, there’s no better feeling you can have than being in control of your mental game and not being a puppet to your own frustration. That’s why I develop The Confident Athlete CD programs

I produced the third program, “The Composed Athlete,” for the exact purpose of freeing you from the shackles of frustration and anger.

The Confident Athlete programs are so powerful it’s like having your own mental game coach (without the big cost). I have many testimonials from athletes and coaches who have used my new CD programs successfully.

Ready to get started? Do yourself (and your family) a favor and start enjoying your game again:

Boost Composure with The Composed Athlete

Your Confidence Coach,

Dr. Patrick Cohn

Fact is, I know two kinds of athletes: Those who feel victim to their own frustration and those who take action to get their heads in the game. The Composed Athlete teaches you step-by-step how to take action:

Boost Composure with The Composed Athlete  

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