Staying Motivated Over A Long Season

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Motivation In Sports

Do you or your athletes maintain motivation over the course of a long season?

Practices, weight training, video sessions, physical therapy can deplete an athlete’s motivation for brief periods of time.

But motivation is directly under your control and is one big factor that contributes to peak performance.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I consistently put in the time and effort necessary to accomplish my goals?”

If you were to be honest, you could point to times where you went through the motions of practice, putting in just enough effort and focus to get through the session.

Don’t be too hard on yourself… This is true for many athletes.

You want to minimize those periods of time when motivation is waning in order to maximize the benefits of training.

Why can motivation be difficult to maintain?

Training can be a grind… It can be painful… It can be repetitive… It can be boring… It can be exhausting… It can be no fun.

Sometimes during training, you can think of a million things you would rather be doing (hanging out with friends, sleeping, watching TV, etc.)

Maybe you haven’t seen improvement in your game for a while.

You have probably even asked yourself, “Why do I keep putting myself through this?”

The “WHY” is solely responsible for your level of motivation!

How does the “WHY” affect motivation? It’s your mission that guides you…

You want to understand why you compete, what you are trying to accomplish, and what you need to do to get there.

Motivated athletes are able to push through discomfort, boredom and distraction, and minor injuries.

How you respond to the grind of training that will determine the level of success you achieve within your sport.

By consciously reminding yourself of why you train (your goals), you renew that sense of purpose for doing what you need to do.

Try these tips to boost your motivation:

  1. Think about your long-term goals – Remind yourself where you want to go and the “Why” will make more sense.
  2. Team up with a training buddy – By challenging each other during training sessions, you and your training buddy can push each other to greater heights.
  3. Create practice goals – Ask yourself, “What do I need to do today, to push me towards achieving my goals?” Track your progress. Seeing yourself move closer to your goals will help further motivate your efforts and focus.

The athlete who succeeds is often the one who works the hardest, who persists despite adversity and who pushes when training becomes tough, doesn’t give up, and who performs their best when it counts.

Your daily mission and motivation are your responsibility. You have to “pay your dues” to achieve success.

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