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The Roots of Performance Anxiety in Sports

Performance Anxiety

Managing Competitive Anxiety Anxiety and worry are the biggest performance problem for young competitive athletes. Anxious athletes report the following:–“I play so well in practice but mess up in games.” –“I’m so nervous in games that I get sick to my stomach.” –“I become so anxious in competitions that I can’t concentrate.” –“I always fall apart when the … Sport Psychology Article…

Your Mindset for Playing Golf in the Wind

Coping With Adverse Playing Conditions

Playing Well When Faced With Adverse Conditions There are many challenging aspects to the game of golf and many are outside your control, such as weather, course conditions, your score and the leaderboard. There is one uncontrollable factor that distracts or hurts golfers’ mental game… wind! Wind gusts and swirling winds affect both the flight of the ball … Sport Psychology Article…

Peak Performance in Sports

Peak Performer's Mindset

Characteristics of Peak Performance How do you define peak performance? Maybe you view peak performance as achieving a best time or personal record… Perhaps you view peak performance as beating a rival or winning a championship title. While all these events could be peak performances, there is something more to the concept of peak performance than just winning. … Sport Psychology Article…