performance anxiety for athletes

The Roots of Performance Anxiety in Sports

Performance Anxiety

Managing Competitive Anxiety Anxiety and worry are the biggest performance problem for young competitive athletes. Anxious athletes report the following:–“I play so well in practice but mess up in games.” –“I’m so nervous in games that I get sick to my stomach.” –“I become so anxious in competitions that I can’t concentrate.” –“I always fall apart when the … Sport Psychology Article…

Overcome Performance Anxiety With This Practice

Performance Anxiety in Sports

How to Want The Ball in The Final Moments of The Game Some athletes want the ball in their hand in the closing seconds of a game while other athletes pray they don’t get the ball as time ticks down. Which athlete do you or your athletes fall into? Some athletes are overwhelmed by performance anxiety in sports … Sport Psychology Article…

Does Anxiety and Fear of Failure Hurt Your Performance?

Sports Psychology Podcast

In this week’s sports psychology podcast, mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn, answers a question from a football kicker who thinks negatively and is afraid to fail when competing. Learn how to perform with confidence in sports! Listen to this month’s sports psychology podcast to learn how to improve your performance in sports and other mental … Sport Psychology Article…