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How To Evaluate and Improve Your Golf Game

Improve Golf Perfromance

 Evaluate Your Golf Game To Improve Performance Effectively evaluating your golf game requires balance. Some golfers look at their golf game and only see mistakes and failure. These golfers have a bevy of ‘whys’ running through their heads: “Why do I always miss critical shots?” “Why can’t I beat so-and-so?” “Why can’t I lower my score?” All the … Sport Psychology Article…

The Difference Between Perfection And Excellence In Your Golf Game

How to Beat The Yips in Sports

  Should You Strive To Be Perfect In Golf? There’s an old saying, “Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Many golfers have this mentality which can be problematic. These golfers often say, “Shouldn’t I shoot for perfection on the golf course? If I miss, I will still shoot my best … Sport Psychology Article…