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How to Evaluate Losses for More Confidence

Mistake in the Game

Finding Confidence After Failure How do you feel after blowing a lead and losing a game? Do you question your abilities? Do you feel less confident about the next competition? What you tell yourself after a performance will impact your emotions and confidence. In addition, your thoughts about a recent performance will affect your preparation

How to Learn from Losses 

How to Learn from Losses

Do Losses Motivate You? For many athletes, losses hurt their confidence and detract from their motivation. Unfortunately, losses are part of the athletic experience. So goes the saying, “You can’t win them all.” How you respond to a loss separates good athletes from great ones. After a loss, you have two choices: 1. You can

How You Can Become A Peak Performer in Sports

Talent is important, but mental toughness and strong mental skills are necessary for peak performance, and all athletes can learn those skills.

What Makes an Elite Athlete “Elite”? Elite athletes aren’t elite just because they are talented. Plenty of talented athletes have not lived up to their potential. Do elite athletes just have better coaching? Again, many athletes have risen to the top without the best coaching. Likewise, many talented athletes have elite coaches and still consistently