visualization for athletes

How Visualization Helps Athletes

Volleyball mental game

The Power of Visualization for Athletes Do you use visualization or imagery with your training regimen? Most athletes do not visualize or might only visualize before important competitions. Visualization is the process of mentally rehearsing a scene in your mind to learn skills or enhance performance and consistency. Interestingly, an overwhelming number of Olympic athletes visualize daily and … Sport Psychology Article…

How to React to a Poor Performance

Overcome Bad Performance

Stop Dwelling on Mistakes for a Better Mindset How do you process a disastrous performance? How do you move on from a performance that is so devastating that you want to leave the arena as fast as possible? Every athlete can point to that one horrible performance they would want to erase from their career. Many athletes reach … Sport Psychology Article…

Mental Rehearsal For Athletes – Peaksports Video

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Mental Imagery In Sports In “Sessions with Doc,” Dr. Patrick Cohn answers your sports psychology and mental training questions about how to use visualization for athletes in competition. In this week’s Session With Doc, Dr. Cohn answers a question about how to use mental rehearsal or visualization for competition: DR. COHN: “Here’s the question that I received from … Sport Psychology Article…