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Do You Have Bizarre Pregame Superstitions – Video

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Superstitions In Sports Do you have to wear the same lucky jersey or shirt every game? Do you have to eat a certain meal before you perform? Many athletes have superstitions they must adhere to–as if their performance would crumble without them… Superstitions in sports are based only on past luck. If something worked in the past before … Sport Psychology Article…

Athletes Who Focus on Avoiding Mistakes

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Sports Psychology Case Study Do you or your athletes focus too much on avoiding mistakes? This happens a lot with athletes who have a fear of failure… You might think that trying to avoid mistakes or have a mistake-free game is the way to go, but it backfires for most athletes. When you try to avoid mistakes, you:1. … Sport Psychology Article…

Case Studies In Sports Psychology – Video

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How To Have Effortless Speed in Races New this week, I’m introducing a video series called “Mindset for Sports: Case Studies in Sports Psychology.” In this sports psychology case study series, you’ll learn about the challenges and mental training solutions of real life athletes I’ve worked with to improve their mental game (the names have been changed for … Sport Psychology Article…