Fear of Failure

Why It’s Okay for Athletes to Fail

Mistake in the Game

How to Avoid the Perfectionist Mindset Mistakes and mishaps are an inescapable part of all sports. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, errors will happen during competitions. Even the best athletes in the world are not immune to mistakes: –Pro tennis players hit unforced errors late in matches.–MLB baseball players strike out

How to Avoid Burnout and Dropout in Sports

Avoid Burnout

Letting Go of Expectations Have you ever been so frustrated with a lack of improvement and not reaching your expectations that training and practicing just doesn’t seem worth the time and effort? At times you feel like walking away from competing just because you feel so burned out or lack enthusiasm? Sports can be demanding,

Athletes Who Focus on Avoiding Mistakes

Sports Psychology Video

Sports Psychology Case Study Do you or your athletes focus too much on avoiding mistakes? This happens a lot with athletes who have a fear of failure… You might think that trying to avoid mistakes or have a mistake-free game is the way to go, but it backfires for most athletes. When you try to