Mental Toughness in Sports

Mental Toughness as an Underdog

Playing as an Underdog

Mindset for Tough Conditions Do your sports kids complain about not getting enough playing time? Successful athletes often make sacrifices. Yet, one of the most challenging sacrifices for some athletes is accepting their role on the team. Players’ roles can frequently change due to injuries, roster shake-ups, changes in playing style, coach preferences, or a

Focused Training and Mindset Equals Success

Training Dedication

Working Hard Leads to Confidence What is the key to athletic success? You can give dozens of answers to the this question. However, I’m sure we can all agree that working hard is part of the equation. A diligent work ethic doesn’t just improve technical skills and physiological capabilities. Hard work has a mental benefit;

Overcome Negative Self-talk in Sports

A Positive Mindset Helps to Perform Better Do you view self-talk as something you can control? Do you think self-talk has any impact on performance? Imagine how you would feel if your parents told you that you had no chance of winning because you were competing against a “more talented” opponent before the start of

How to Deal With Team Drama

Focusing on The Controllables in Volleyball

Focus On Your Team Goal How well are you able to deal with the drama on your team? Let’s be honest, drama happens on sports teams. Sometimes, athletes clash with coaches, coaches get angry with athletes, or teammates argue amongst themselves. You can probably recall times when conflict or drama affected your team in the