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Why Athletes Worry too Much About What Others Think – Video

Sports Psychology Video

Avoid Outcome Thinking. Do you or your athletes worry too much about what others think of your performance?   Athletes often get preoccupied with what we call “outcome thinking,” and play too safely or cautiously as a result. One way you might think about the outcome is worrying about disappointing others if you make mistakes… In this week’s … Sport Psychology Article…

Athletes Who Worry About Preparation

Sports Psychology Video

Sports Confidence Buster #3 Despite having great practices and high levels of confidence from practice, why do athletes question their practice or training? Athletes question their training for many reasons some are rational and other are not rational: In this week’s video, I discuss how athletes undermine their confidence prior to competition by questioning their preparation. Learn how … Sport Psychology Article…

Pregame Stress and Anxiety: Athletes’ Mental Roadblock to Success


What Holds You Back From Performing Your Best? Most champion athletes and coaches are aware of the importance of the mental game. If you or your athletes are tense, worry about outcomes, or bring stress from life into competition, performance will suffer. Does performance anxiety or pregame tension hold you back from performing your best? Based on the … Sport Psychology Article…