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Sports Psychology Myths: Are Athletes Weak If They Resort To Mental Training?

Mental Training

How is Mental Training For Athletes Viewed? Are you or your players afraid other athletes will see you as weak if you have to do mental training or work with a sports psychologist? Still today, athletes buy into myths about sports psychology, which prevent them from embracing the benefits of mental training. I recently received

Mental Game Success Stories with The Confident Athlete Series

The Confident Athlete

The Confident Athlete CD and Workbook Series Do you or your athletes need a mental game overhaul or just a tune up? Allow me to explain…. I think you will agree that the mental game is critical to an athlete’s or team’s success….In fact, many of the top athletes in the world believe that a

Sports Psychology Success – Be Prepared Mentally for the Big Wave

Surfer Confidence

Using The Relaxed Athlete With Shawn Burrell Here’s a wonderful mental game success story for you today… Professional Surfer Shawn Burrell didn’t have full confidence in his own abilities. Around other top surfers, he would compare himself and feel like he didn’t stack up to the competition. His harsh judgments about his own abilities was

A Mentally Prepared Athlete is a Relaxed Athlete

Relaxed athlete

The Relaxed Athlete Wow, the upcoming release of “The Relaxed Athlete” has completely swamped me… and the momentum is so crazy that I can’t wait for April 1. “The Relaxed Athlete,” is the cream of the crop in the Confident Athlete Series. Seriously. I’m really excited about this puppy – it will blow your socks

Pregame Stress and Anxiety: Athletes’ Mental Roadblock to Success


What Holds You Back From Performing Your Best? Most champion athletes and coaches are aware of the importance of the mental game. If you or your athletes are tense, worry about outcomes, or bring stress from life into competition, performance will suffer. Does performance anxiety or pregame tension hold you back from performing your best?