Sports Confidence

How to Deal with External Noise

Tune negativity Out

Managing Negativity From Others What are the main distractions that affect your performance? In what competitive situations do you find focusing more difficult? Distractions can be described as unneeded noise in your mind Some noise is internal such as your self-talk. You had probably experienced times when you thought, “I’m not good enough,” “I always choke,” or “Other … Sport Psychology Article…

Post Game Assessment to Improve Your Performance

Sports Psychology Video

Handle Your Post Game Assessment In this sports psychology video, Dr. Cohn helps an athlete on knowing what to do in post games assessment to improve confidence and performance. Dr. Cohn answers a question from an athlete who doesn’t know what to do after the game whether he wins or loses the game. Dr. Patrick Cohn is a master mental … Sport Psychology Article…

How To Have The Shooter’s Mentality

Shooter's Mentality

Avoid Slumps With The Shooter’s Mentality Basketball shooters talk all the time about having streaks and slumps in their performance, which is very common in all sports. Shooters say they have the “hot hand” when the ball is dropping with relative consistency and lacking confidence when not sinking shots. Think of those times when you were “in the … Sport Psychology Article…