Self-Confidence Tips for Athletes

Sports Psychology: Do You Crave Approval?

Social Approval

Athletes And Social Approval One big challenge for many athletes today is the fact that they worry so much about what others think when they perform that it becomes a huge distraction. I must first say that it is important to care about other people. However it becomes unhealthy when athletes worry too much about what others think … Sport Psychology Article…

Competitive Self-Confidence Really Matters

Self Confidence

The Importance of Self-Confidence Sports self-confidence is the number one mental skill that your young athlete must possess to be successful in sports and life! Self-doubt is the number one mental barrier that blocks athletes from success in sports and life. Having high levels of confidence is so important that I spend most of my time teaching students … Sport Psychology Article…

Get Self-Confidence – Keep Sports Confidence

Tiger Wood's Confidence

Are You on The Self-Confidence Roller Coaster in Sports? Many athletes allow their confidence to be thrashed around by immediate results and circumstances.What do I mean by the confidence roller coaster? I am talking about the athlete who loses confidence easily or has fragile confidence based on his immediate results. With each shot, play, or point, his confidence … Sport Psychology Article…