Confident Athlete

How to Overcome Adversity for Athletes

Adversity in Sports

Mental Toughness Helps Athletes Overcome Adversity in Sports Do your current athletic challenges feel impossible to overcome? Adversity can lead to you feeling angry, frustrated and dejected. You feel all alone, lost and can see no way out or end in sight… It seems like nobody knows how you feel or how horrible the situation is. For example… A

Mental Game Tips to Assess Performance and Grow Confidence

Grow Confidence in Sports

Growing Confidence in Sports Are you (or your athletes) overly self-critical of your game after losing or a poor performance? If so, you are not alone. Many athletes criticize their performance after a loss–and this is another confidence buster. If you’re self-critical of your performance and dwell on shortcomings, how will you grow your confidence

Sports Psychology: Sturdy or Fragile Confidence?

Self Confidence

The Importance of a Positive Self-Image For some athletes, self-confidence goes up and down like a roller coaster, changing direction with every bump and turn in the road.Over the last 15 years, I have worked with athletes who possess both high and low levels of confidence. What allows one athlete to have a brick wall

Sports Psychology: Do You Crave Approval?

Social Approval

Athletes And Social Approval One big challenge for many athletes today is the fact that they worry so much about what others think when they perform that it becomes a huge distraction. I must first say that it is important to care about other people. However it becomes unhealthy when athletes worry too much about

Pre-Game Jitters: Perform Under Pressure

Pregame Jitters

Embrace The Pregame Jitters Do you ever get butterflies in your stomach before you compete called pregame jitters? Do you get really nervous before the start of a big match or game and can’t relax after the game starts? Most athletes have felt the negative effects of pressure during their athletic career. Even the best