A Mentally Prepared Athlete is a Relaxed Athlete


The Relaxed Athlete

Wow, the upcoming release of “The Relaxed Athlete” has completely swamped me… and the momentum is so crazy that I can’t wait for April 1. “The Relaxed Athlete,” is the cream of the crop in the Confident Athlete Series. Seriously. I’m really excited about this puppy – it will blow your socks off. It’s loaded with my best pregame strategies.

We just finished the workbook and spent two days recording the CDs. Almost out of my hands – off to the printer and duplicator. The pre-release “sneak peek” videos and report has taken over my life, but in a good way. If you missed my preview videos, you can see them here:


The bottom line… I’m staying up way too late. I am not complaining. All this work and no play is good for my brain. In any case, I wanted to explain why I have combined two programs into one unique program.

Most of my readers requested that I produce “The Relaxed Athlete” over “The Mentally Prepared Athlete.” I had several readers ask me, “Aren’t these two programs really the same? ‘The Relaxed Athlete’ would be great, but wouldn’t being mentally prepared lead to ultimate relaxation?” This was superb insight and THE reason I value my readers input on the direction of The Confident Athlete series. So, here’s the 411 on my new program…

You will learn my top mental game strategies to have a poised and relaxed attitude about competition. I do this by helping you develop a mental preparation routine or warm-up routine. So, you learn all my strategies on both fronts – my top mental preparation strategies. I don’t want to “spill the beans” right now… but I think you’re going to be very happy.

I have a third preview video planned for later this week. I am going to share one cool strategy can literally change your mindset 180 degrees before competition. If you have not seen my first two videos, go here now to watch them:



Patrick J. Cohn, Ph.D.,
Master Mental Game Coach

p.s. Don’t forget to download my free PDF report after you check out my preview videos. It’s called, “The 10 ‘Deadly’ Mistakes Athletes Make With Their Pregame Attitude” You’ll learn the top 10 mental game mistakes that athletes make prior to competition the top six objectives of your pre-competition preparation.


Boost Your Self-Confidence With Mental Game Coaching!

Master mental game coach, Dr. Patrick Cohn, can help you or your athlete(s), ages 12 and up, overcome mental game issues with personal coaching.

You can work with Dr. Patrick Cohn himself in Orlando, Florida or via Skype, FaceTime, or telephone. Call us toll free at 888-742-7225 or contact us for more information about the different coaching programs we offer!

What are our students saying?

“WOW!!! What a week I had. I was able to perform with a confidence that allowed my style to shine through–no more entering the arena with that “deer in the headlights” look or feeling. I stopped evaluating myself while I was performing, and I actually left the arena after my patterns feeling like I had experienced a lot of fun. Thank you so much.”
~Julia Dreyer, National Champion Equestrian

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