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Mental Toughness Defined And Beyond

Mental Toughness

How Do You View Mental Toughness? Do you admire certain athletes for their “mentally tough” play? Do you wish you were more mentally tough in competitions? Athletes are constantly told by coaches the importance of being mentally tough in competitions, but are unclear on its meaning; let alone how to develop mental toughness. Many athletes

4 Mental Game Tips To Take Your Practice Game To Competition

Trust Your Skills

Do You Lose Trust In Competition? The number one reason athletes, coaches, and parents contact me is when athletes can’t take their practice game to competition. Do you look like a star in practice, but choke up in competition? Freezing up (or what I call lack of trust) in competition is a common challenge for

Mental Keys to Performing Fearlessly in Sports

Performing Fearlessly

  Perform Without Fear in Competitions How can you perform fearlessly in competition? Do you need a boatload of confidence? Do you need high trust in your skills? Do you need to stop worrying about making mistakes? Or maybe you need to not obsess about outcomes? Okay, here’s my take…. All of these mental skills

Top Secret To Mental Game Success For All Athletes

Mental Game Success

Managing Expectations in Sports What’s my number one formula for success in sports? It includes three parts: Identify and discard strict expectations or demands. Replace expectation with high confidence. Replace expectation with simple objectives. This is the first lesson I teach to my personal coaching students. Allow me to explain… After working with 1000’s of