Fearless Performances

Pregame Nerves Facts and Fiction

Facts and Fiction

How to Use Pregame “Nerves” to your Advantage Many athletes have misconceptions about the effects of pregame “nerves” before competition sport. *Misconception 1: Elite athletes are NEVER nervous. *Misconception 2: It’s the total lack of nerves that cause elite athletes to be successful. *Misconception 3: Elite athletes are born with the capacity to remain 100

How to be Resilient on the Court

How to Build Mental Toughness

Build Mental Toughness in Volleyball: “Set Me Again” Do you persevere in the face of adversity? Are you able to remain strong minded after a mistake? While on the court, do you push through whatever obstacles you meet? I was the type of player who wanted the ball, even after I made a mistake. I

How Over Thinking Sabotages Athletes’ Performance

How Over Thinking Sabotages Your Performance

How to Stop Overthinking in Competition Peak performance in sports occurs when you have a calm mind and can react to your environment. Over thinking can cloud your judgments and send too many signals to your body at one time. Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons after the 108-103 Game 2 loss to the Boston Celtics

Can The Eagles Beat The Patriots with Mental Toughness?

Staying Focused Against Top Competitors

Staying Mentally Tough Against Top Competitors Facing a “Goliath” opponent is daunting for any athlete or team. There is a mystique around a dominant team, a team with several multiple top-tier athletes or a highly-decorated athlete. These opponents, at times, appear unbeatable. When facing high-caliber opponents with a winning history, there are two approaches… The

How Kyrie Irving Copes With Pressure

Minimizing Pressure in Sports

How to Minimize Game Time Pressure Many times, athletes attribute poor performance to pressure and nervousness. These athletes often complain that their parents, coaches, or teammates put too much pressure on them. While parents and coaches create an environment of pressure, they are not the cause of pressure. The cause of pressure is when the