Golf Psychology: 8 Signs of a Failing Mental Game

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Do You Identify With These 8 Signs of a Failing Mental Game?

What are the top signs your mental game is getting in the way of shooting low golf scores?

Today I want to share with you the top 8 signs your mental game is backfiring and not allowing you to play to your potential…

See if you identify with any of these 8 signs:

(1) You perform much better on the range than on the golf course in tournaments. Your swing is tighter and feels jerkier on the course compared to the practice range. This is the number one
reason golfers contact me!

(2) Your preround jitters do not go away after the first hole. You continue to feel anxious, tight, or have a knot in your stomach well into the start of the round.

(3) You worry too much about making mistakes and where not it hit the ball. Fear of failure causes you to try and avoid making bogeys or hitting bad shots. Standing over your shot, all you can see or think about is the trouble.

(4) One bad shot or score on a hole and your confidence crumbles. Your high expectations get in the way because you get frustrated quickly or lose confidence after bad shots.

(5) Your swing feels controlled because you focus too much on technique or how to make a perfect swing. You over-control your swing because you want to win or beat others so badly.

(6) You get easily frustrated when not playing up to your expectations or start to protect your score when playing well. Your comfort zone causes your mind misfire when playing better than or worse than expected.

(7) You have trouble concentrating in the moment because your mind is too occupied with results. You fail to focus on one shot at a time because you are over concerned with your score.

(8) You worry too much about what others think about your game and can’t focus fully on execution. Your self-esteem (how you feel about yourself) waivers when you think you are not getting approval from others.

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Do you identify with any of the above signs your mental game is misfiring? If so, you have two options:

(1) Do nothing and hope your mental game boo boos magically disappear, or (2) Take action to improve your mental game.

As a mental game coach, I hope you choose option 2 and take action…

My new live golf confidence coaching course, “Golfer’s Mental Edge Program,” helps you overcome all these challenges and many more.

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My new course is a complete brain dump of everything I know about how to improve your scores using powerful mental game strategies.

And to boot, you get 365 days of continuing education via my online mental training program!

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Your Golf Confidence Coach,

Dr. Patrick Cohn

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What’s the big sign that your mental game is the weak link in your golf game? When you can’t play consistently as well as when you play a practice or casual round–or your range game is way better than your game on the course. If you suffer from lack of focus, low self-confidence, poor composure or other mental game obstacles on the course, you can’t reach your true potential in golf.

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