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Golfer’s Mental Edge CD Program Released Today

Today, I launched my new CD golf psychology program, “Golfer’s Mental Edge.” Do you have a good mental game for golf? Too often, I hear golfers say things such as… “I can’t have fun anymore; I never play up to my expectations.” “I get so frustrated with hitting bad shots and it snowballs.” “When I

Sports Psychology: Another Mental Game Coach Success Story


Mental Game Success Story I’m honored when experienced mental game experts – people who have been mental coaching for eight or more years – contact me to help them improve their ability to help students. Dr. Kevin Roby, of Golf Psychology Consultants, worked with a few golfers a year for about eight years prior to

Mental Game Coaching Certification Starts in February


Mental Game Coaching Professionals What’s your background as a mental game coach? Do you work part-time as a mental coach today? And is it hard to get work with new athletes? Before Douglas Finney, a recent MGCP graduate, started working with athletes, she owned a mental health practice in psychotherapy. But she soon became excited

Why Athletes and Coaches Don’t Embrace Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology Strategies Even today, some athletes and coaches don’t embrace sports psychology strategies. I think this has a lot to do with their lack of understanding about mental coaching and how it can help… Your biggest challenge as a mental coach is helping athletes and coaches understand the real value of learning mental game

Why “Sports Psychologist” Scares Athletes

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Hello all you blog readers! My name is Dr. Patrick Cohn. I’m an expert in sports psychology and peak performance. I do not call myself a sports psychologist because I am not a psychologist. For this reason, I prefer the title “master mental game coach” because I teach other coaches and professional my mental training