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How to Practice and Apply Your Mental Game

Apply Mental Game

Unfortunately, many athletes view sports psychology as a quick fix for helping them get out of a slump or back on track with their performance. If you look at mental training as a quick fix, you won’t realize your potential with a strong mental game. Your mental game must be cultivated and tweaked every day just like you … Sport Psychology Article…

Sports Psychology: Another Mental Game Coach Success Story


Mental Game Success Story I’m honored when experienced mental game experts – people who have been mental coaching for eight or more years – contact me to help them improve their ability to help students. Dr. Kevin Roby, of Golf Psychology Consultants, worked with a few golfers a year for about eight years prior to enrolling in my … Sport Psychology Article…

Why Athletes and Coaches Don’t Embrace Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology Strategies Even today, some athletes and coaches don’t embrace sports psychology strategies. I think this has a lot to do with their lack of understanding about mental coaching and how it can help… Your biggest challenge as a mental coach is helping athletes and coaches understand the real value of learning mental game strategies. As a … Sport Psychology Article…