Worry about what Others Think

Sports Psychology Podcast: How to Stop Worrying What Others Think

Sports Psychology Podcast

In this week’s sports psychology podcast, Dr. Cohn helps a football kicker who worries what his coach thinks about his game. Sports psychology expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn helps athletes stop worrying what others think. Dr. Cohn answer’s the following question in this month’s sports psychology podcast: “I am a punter/kicker at a division 3 college

Golf Psychology: 8 Signs of a Failing Mental Game

Golf Mindset

Do You Identify With These 8 Signs of a Failing Mental Game? What are the top signs your mental game is getting in the way of shooting low golf scores? Today I want to share with you the top 8 signs your mental game is backfiring and not allowing you to play to your potential…

The 10 Deadly Mistakes Athletes Make With Their Pregame Attitude

Pregame Misakes

Are You Making Any of These ‘Deadly’ Mistakes? Are you so concerned about what others might be thinking about your game that you get distracted when you play? For many athletes, a huge source of pregame anxiety or worry comes from the need to seek “approval” from others. If this is you, you might have

Sports Psychology: Do You Crave Approval?

Social Approval

Athletes And Social Approval One big challenge for many athletes today is the fact that they worry so much about what others think when they perform that it becomes a huge distraction. I must first say that it is important to care about other people. However it becomes unhealthy when athletes worry too much about