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Staying Focused on the Task at Hand with Simon Hartley

Sports Psychology Podcast

Mental game of sports expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn interviews Simon Hartley, a sports psychologist who works with gold medalists and world record holders. Simon talks about how to stay focused on the task at hand instead of results. Learn why the most successful athletes in the world focus more on doing their personal best and

How to Practice and Apply Your Mental Game

Apply Mental Game

Unfortunately, many athletes view sports psychology as a quick fix for helping them get out of a slump or back on track with their performance. If you look at mental training as a quick fix, you won’t realize your potential with a strong mental game. Your mental game must be cultivated and tweaked every day

Equestrian Confidence Video 3: Using Mental Skills in Practice

Peak Sports Video of The Week

Using Mental Skills in Practice Mental coach, Dr. Patrick Cohn of  Peak Performance Sports  helps equestrian athletes of all level improve their mental game and performance. In this video, Dr. Cohn addresses the top mental game challenges for equestrian athletes. He answers questions from riders about pressure, pregame jitters, over analysis, perfectionism, and other mental game challenges. Visit Equestrian Confidence and Download his free

What You Can Learn From Olympic Athletes’ Mental Game


Lessons From Olympic Athletes’ Mental Game Can mental rehearsal or visualization help you trust in your ability during competition? One Olympian thinks so. Read on to discover his secret. To perform your best, you must have trust instead of over-think your performance… I certainly learn a lot from Olympic athletes when I pick their brains.

A Proven System for Mental Game Coaching – 10 Years Later


Mental Game Coaching Professionals It was 17 years ago when I finished my Ph.D. in sports psychology. I was ready to conquer the world. But it wasn’t a smooth transition for me… My education prepared me to teach college students sports psychology and I did just that as an assistant professor. Two year later, I

What Makes World-Class Athletes Successful?

Success in Sports

What Makes Top Athletes Successful? Mike Robbins should know. He went to school with three top athletes and dated one of them… I interviewed retired pro athlete Mike Robbins for my members. Mike was drafted by the New York Yankees out of high school, but instead played for Stanford and the College World Series. After