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Mental Game Success Stories with The Confident Athlete Series

The Confident Athlete

The Confident Athlete CD and Workbook Series Do you or your athletes need a mental game overhaul or just a tune up? Allow me to explain…. I think you will agree that the mental game is critical to an athlete’s or team’s success….In fact, many of the top athletes in the world believe that a

Why “Sports Psychologist” Scares Athletes

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Hello all you blog readers! My name is Dr. Patrick Cohn. I’m an expert in sports psychology and peak performance. I do not call myself a sports psychologist because I am not a psychologist. For this reason, I prefer the title “master mental game coach” because I teach other coaches and professional my mental training

The Confident Sports Kid CD and Workbook Program

The Confident Sports Kid

This program is a 7- day plan for boosting self confidence in young athletes. Packed with mental strategies that you and your kids can start using immediately, this program teaches your athletes how to identify confidence busters, proactively deal with them, manage expectations that undermine confidence, and mentally prepare to stay confident when faced with

The Focused Sports Kid CD And Workbook Program

The Focused Sports Kid

“The Focused Sports Kid” helps sports kids who get easily distracted and can’t regain their focus in competition. In this program, you and your athlete learn concentration-boosting strategies to help young athletes develop laser focus during competition. Young athletes learn how to focus on what’s most important, to refocus when distracted, and use a pregame